St. Catherine – Churches

Philippo Baptist

Erected in 1827, the church is named after the eminent Baptist Missionary James Phillippo. He was instrumental in the formation of Sligoville, the first free village formed in Jamaica for ex-slaves. He remained there for fifty years. The remains of his body are buried in the churchyard as well as that of his daughter and wife.

Spanish Town Cathedral

This iconic church, known both as the Spanish Town Cathedral and the St. Catherine Parish Church, was built in the second half of the seventeenth century. It had its beginnings as a Catholic church, however, when the British conquered the Spaniards in 1655, the building was destroyed and rebuilt as an Anglican Church. The church as again destroyed in 1712, this time by a hurricane. It was rebuilt in 1714.

The church once contained the oldest Baptismal and Marriage Records in the island. It is also associated with important personalities in Jamaica some of whom are buried there – for instance, Sir Thomas Modyford, Governor 1664 – 1671, and the Earl of Effingham, Governor 1790 – 1791.

The church building features remarkable architecture style, combining round headed and pointed arches, classical quoins, and medieval buttresses. It also has a tower, built in 1817, and a steeple, which puts it among a few such churches in the Caribbean.

St. Catherine – Special Attractions and Points of Interest

  • Beaches – Port Henderson, Marine Terminal, Fort Clarence
  • Two Sister Caves
  • Caymanas Bay (Duhaney River)
  • Caymanas Race Track
  • Caymanas Golf and Country Club
  • Serenity Park
  • Longest Tunnel on Jamaica’s Railway Lines- 2194 feet, located near Bog Walk
  • White Marl Museum
    • Built on the site of an old Taino village, this museum is constructed in the style of a Taino Indian Hut. Relics of Taino culture, including Taino burial sites, are on display.
  • Green Bay
    • This former quarantine station is now used by the Jamaican military as a firing range.
  • St. Clair’s Cave
    • One of Jamaica’s more famous caves. St. Clair’s is two miles south of Ewarton, on the western margin of St. Thomas-in-the-Vale. Winding, with a general east to west trend, it is usually dry and accessible.
  • Natural Bridge
    • This is found at Riversdale near Bog Walk. Residents call it the eighth wonder of the world.
  • Jamworld
    • Situated in Portmore, this was once the site for Reggae Sunsplash.  It is the location for Sting – ‘the greatest one-night reggae show on earth’.