Manchester-Famous Personalities

Norman Washington Manley

Manchester’s most famous son is undoubtedly National Hero Norman Washington Manley. Mr. Manley, Jamaica’s first premier, was born in Roxborough in 1893.

An outstanding athlete, scholar and lawyer, Mr. Manley rose to national prominence during the labour disputes of 1938.  That year, he founded the People’s National Party (PNP) and led the fight for universal adult suffrage.

Daisy McFarlane Coke

Actuary who has the distinction of being the first Black woman to qualify as Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 1970. She became the first president of the Caribbean Actuarial Association. She was awarded the Order of Jamaica in 2002.


Manchester Central

Electoral Divisions                             Polling Divisions

Knockpatrick                                                 24

Mandeville                                                      26

Royal Flat                                                       25

Bellefield                                                         22

Manchester North Eastern

Electoral Divisions                             Polling Divisions

Craighead                                                     40

Christiana                                                      32

Walderston                                                    30

 Manchester Northwestern

Electoral Divisions                             Polling Divisions

Spur Tree                                                   20

New Green                                                17

Johns Hall                                                  35

Mile Gully                                                   35

 Manchester Southern

Electoral Divisions                              Polling Divisions

Porus                                                          25

Grove Town                                                32

Alligator Pond                                             18

Newport                                                      29