Trelawny – Location & Geography


The parish of Trelwany is located on the northwestern part of the island.  It is bordered on the north by the sea, on the south by the parishes of St. Elizabeth and Manchester, the east by the parish of St. Ann and on the west by the parish of St. James.

Geography & Environment

Trelawny is 353 sq. miles or 874.6 sq. km.    The southern section of the parish lies in the Cockpit country.

Trelawny – Overview

The government is moving to effect the development of the historic district of Falmouth towards the goal of transforming the town into a heritage cruise tourism port.

According to the proposal, the development of Council lands will be integral to the implementation of the Greater Falmouth Redevelopment Plan. Key elements of the development include the preservation of open space, building of new roads, more social infrastructure, and public transportation centres. Five areas within the town are earmarked for development under the proposed plan.

The development is expected to proceed orderly in a manner that takes into consideration the economic and infrastructural pressures facing the town.

Work is advanced in having Falmouth declared a declared an Urban Development Corporation (UDC) designated area and in the interim UDC, in consultation with the Mayor, has decided to expedite some aspects of the plan specifically as it relates to properties owned by the Parish Council.