Trelawny – Places of Interest (Part 2)

Falmouth Presbyterian Church
Located on the corner of Rodney and Princess Streets.  Known as St. Andrews Kirk, it was constructed in 1832 by prominent Scotsmen in Trelawny.

The Dome
This is a cone-shaped structure, which was constructed as an iron foundry around 1801.  It is located in Falmouth at the corner of Thorpe and Upper Harbour Street.  The foundry was mostly used to repair sugar estate machinery.

Monument erected to a slave
Located in the old slave village on Hyde Estate.  It was erected in honour of a slave woman called Eve, in 1800.  She was said to be in charge of the children of those slaves who worked during the day.  Legend has it that she drowned in a pond on Hyde Estate.  Her master, Henry Shirley, apparently erected the monument.  This monument is unique, in that it is rare that a monument was dedicated to a slave in Jamaica.

Hampden Great House, Sugar Factory and Rum Distillery were built in 1779 by a Scotsman.

Trelawny – Places of Interest (Part 1)

Rafting on the Martha Brae
This is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island.

Windsor Caves

Situated near Falmouth and continue to the foothills of the Cockpit Mountains, 28 miles/45 km from Montego Bay.  They attract archaeologists as well as tourists who find the underground explorations attractive.

Good Hope Great House
The oldest building in Trelawny of Georgian structure was built in 1755.  It is a heritage tourist attraction, with a Great House and 2000 acre estate.  It is said to be the best advantage of a working Jamaican estate. The Martha Brae flows through the property and irrigates the land.  Produce grown there includes papaya, ackee, citrus, anthurium flowers and coconuts.

Falmouth Court House
The original structure was built in 1815 but destroyed by fire in 1925.  Present building was constructed in 1926.  It is a replica of the original Palladian style building except for the roofline and windows.

Falmouth Parish Church
The Anglican Church of St. Peter is situated on Duke Street.  Built in 1795 it is the oldest building in Falmouth and the oldest church in the parish.  The church was enlarged in 1842 with a western extension, which now forms the nave.

Falmouth Police Station
Built in 1814 on Rodney Street.  Occupies the former Cornwall District Prison.